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Goodbye, friend

Today I said goodbye to you. I’m glad I got a chance to see you one final time last night. You would’ve liked the service. It was very you haha. Did you like your flowers? I’ll have you know I lost it at “Seasons of Love”. I miss you singing randomly, even though it made me uncomfortable. These coming weeks and year will be really hard. I want to tell you so much and you can’t respond…at least not like you could before. I’m keeping in touch with your friends. We all miss you so much. Keep talking to me okay? I promise I’m listening.

You looked so peaceful today. I almost thought you were going to open your eyes and tell us it was all an elaborate joke. You looked like yourself; not overly made up or in fancy clothes. I can’t believe you cut your hair off. Silly butt. Today was the last time I’ll ever see you. But then I remembered even though your spirit no longer inhabits that body you’re still around. You’re still part of the gaggle, still encouraging and listening to us. You’re still here. I know. I feel you. Rest easy, friend.

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this moment was so sad.

black girls are human beings

man i used to really not like her. tumblr showed me the way

I felt that last comment

black girls are vulnerable. we have feelings. we dont always care what others think, but what they say can have an affect on us. no one wants to let us live. i can only imagine if my words were on a scale as large as hers, how difficult it would be.

She’s always bashed, criticized, made fun of, and her words and sentiments are almost always dismissed. People look at her and don’t take her seriously and it’s completely unfair.